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Toothpaste Enzycal

Gentle – extremely effective

Forget the usual harsh toothpaste ingredients. We only use ingredients that work naturally with your body…. such as enzymes that boost the protective power of your saliva.

Gentle toothpaste, healthy mouth

Sonic toothbrush friendly

No SLS, no Triclosan, no plastic microbeads

Made in Switzerland


Tooth enamel – we love you

At Curaprox, we nurture tooth enamel – instead of wearing it down. Our enzymes are gentle. And Enzycal – unlike other toothpastes – does not grind away at the enamel. With low values of ~ 30 to ~ 60 on the RDA abrasion scale, you have nothing to worry about. With Enzycal, you have everything to gain.

Why enzymes?

Enzymes found in our saliva battle bacteria. The enzymes in Enzycal provide reinforcements… supercharging the natural power of our saliva. They also help to replace lost minerals and calcium in your tooth enamel… and bring an antiviral and antifungal effect.

Sodium fluoride – extremely good at its job

Sodium fluoride strengthens your tooth enamel. And, very soon after brushing, it makes it resistant to attacks from acid. It remineralises areas – including those that have come under attack – and minimises the growth of harmful bacteria. You could say it’s pretty good at beating decay.

SLS? Absolutely not

Unfortunately, SLS – sodium lauryl sulphate – can still be found in most toothpastes. It attacks the cells of the oral mucosa – the tissue that lines the mouth. It leads to painful irritation, injury and mouth ulcers. Naturally, it’s not in Enzycal – or any of our toothpastes.

Want to taste your food properly?

Normal toothpastes contain too much menthol. This dries out the mouth, reduces the flow of saliva… and lowers your mouth’s natural defences. And it means food and drink tastes horrible after brushing. We much prefer a mild taste and a heathy mouth. What about you?

Choose carefully.

Many toothpastes are really not that healthy. Instead they lead to abrasion, irritation… and often to mouth ulcers. Our research shows that our Enzycal toothpastes are mild – and extremely effective.

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