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Toothbrush CS 5460

Gentle on teeth and gums

Each and every one of the 5,460 Curen® filaments works together to combat plaque. Hard on plaque. Gentle on teeth and gums.

5,460 filaments densely packed on the brush head to give exceptional cleaning power

Compact brush head. Slight angle. Optimal cleaning

Curen® filaments. Incredibly gentle, incredibly thin – just 0.1mm in diameter

Octagonal handle. It’s almost impossible NOT to clean at the correct angle


5,460 good reasons

You can rely on the CS 5460 to remove plaque, prevent enamel damage… and care for your teeth and gums gently and effectively. Why? Ultra-fine, gentle Curen® filaments (instead of conventional nylon bristles). 5,460 of them.

Small and compact brush head

The compact head finds all the hard-to-reach-spots – behind the molars and premolars, for example. And it actually bends. For that beautiful, clean teeth feeling.

Get the angle right…

… for optimal cleaning. Tilt the brush at a 45 degree angle – half on the tooth, half on the gum. Move in small, gentle circles – almost without any pressure. Nice and easy.

Experience the difference.

Dental professionals have been recommending our toothbrushes for more than 40 years. Once you’ve tried these brushes… you won’t go back. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Baby you’re a firework

After years of the same old boring choices… an explosion of beautiful, joyful colour. This toothbrush is now available in 36 colour combinations and further, limited and special editions.

Choose your colour

Tender, loving care

Many people brush with too much pressure… and with hard bristles. This leads to damage such as receding gums. Our ultra-fine Curen® filaments make all the difference. They’re gentle. And they clean exceptionally well.

Music maestro please

Brush tooth by tooth in small, gentle circles – almost without any pressure. A multitude of ultra-fine filaments – tightly packed together – remove plaque effectively without causing damage. Hold the toothbrush loosely in your hand… like a violin bow.

5,460 is the magic number

5,460 filaments – up to ten times the number of bristles used in conventional brushes – tightly packed together on the brush head. This extra dense cleaning surface is designed to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The CS 5460 is plaque’s worst nightmare.

Tooth enamel is harder than steel

But it needs gentle care. Now you can rely on gentle filaments – to remove plaque without grinding down the enamel… and to brush the gumline without hurting.

What’s the best way to brush my teeth?

There are many different techniques. And every mouth, tooth and interdental space is different. But there’s a proven method that works for everyone.

Start with the best angle – half on the teeth, half on the gums

Clean gently… almost without any pressure

Small, gentle circles – let your toothbrush guide you


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