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Gentle, novel, effective implant care

A dental floss designed specifically for implant care. Elastic microfibres allow for a novel, efficient cleaning movement around the implant and along the gums. 1. Tense. 2. Then relax. 3. Super clean.

The Implant-Saver cares for the particularly critical areas around implants in a new, gentle and effective way. Threaded over the implant along the gum line, this elastic microfibre floss can be easily tensioned and released again. This results in a gentle yet efficient cleaning movement. The sulcus is cleaned and implants are kept for longer.

For easy implant care – gentle and effective. Thanks to the threader, the elastic microfibre floss is easy to position over the implant. Cleaning is just as easy: gently tension and release, that’s all. The result: the sulcus is cleaned gently and efficiently and an implant that keeps for a long time.

  • Developed for daily implant care
  • Threader at both ends
  • Extra-fleecy microfibre
  • Elastic for careful cleaning
  • Practical, gentle und efficient

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