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Hello Smile, Bye Bye Caries!

The kids toothbrush – recommended for children aged 4 to 12 – is based on our iconic CS 5460 toothbrush. It’s perfect for children’s mouths, easy for them to hold and extremely gentle on teeth and gums.

5,500 Curen® filaments densely packed on the brush head for exceptionally thorough cleaning

Extra compact, slightly-angled brush head for optimal cleaning

Curen® filaments: Incredibly gentle. Incredibly fine – just 0.09mm in diameter

Octagonal handle. It’s almost impossible NOT to clean at the correct angle


5,460 good reasons

You can rely on the CS 5460 to remove plaque, prevent enamel damage… and care for your teeth and gums gently and effectively. Why? Ultra-fine, gentle Curen® filaments (instead of conventional nylon bristles). 5,460 of them.

Small and compact brush head

The compact head finds all the hard-to-reach-spots – behind the molars and premolars, for example. And it actually bends. For that beautiful, clean teeth feeling.


oh colors

make you 

Which kid does not love 
colors? Bring happiness
into your bathroom.


In harmony

The soothing way to brush.


Blue sky

No limits. Seize the day.


The royal

For your princesses
and princes.


the joy

It starts with brushing
your teeth!

Believe in magic.

Father Christmas. The Easter Bunny. The Tooth Fairy. Eventually, your child may start to doubt the magic. But one thing's for certain… The perfect toothbrush for your little angel absolutely exists. Give their oral health the best possible start. 

Practice makes perfect

Adults usually use a hard toothbrush… so they damage their tooth enamel and gums… and risk other dental problems. Help your child to begin the wonderful, lifelong habit of cleaning gently and thoroughly... with a brush that features a multitude of ultra-fine filaments. 

Quality time

Make brushing together a fun part of your day. Establishing a playful, enjoyable ritual gives them the basis for a great oral health care routine for life. 

Simple maths

Here's an equation that makes sense for children - and adults - who have yet to try a Curaprox toothbrush. Take away your hard toothbrush. Now add a uniquely gentle, uniquely efficient Curaprox toothbrush. The result? Pure joy. 

Love and cuddles

Tooth enamel is harder than steel. But acids - and hard toothbrushes - can wear it down. Our filaments remove plaque without grinding down the enamel… and gently caress the gumline. 

Get the angle right…

… for optimal cleaning. Tilt the brush at a 45 degree angle – half on the tooth, half on the gum. Move in small, gentle circles – almost without any pressure. Nice and easy.